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Go to the Eurofest 2006 website, the 25th DeLorean anniversary in Belfast, Nort Ireland

Hi there, welcome to my homepage. I'm a DeLorean sports car, type DMC12. I was born in
October 1981 in Dunmurry, one of the suburbs of Belfast. Since September 30th 1993 I live in the Netherlands. You can read all about my history, look at my pictures and read about some of my repairs. I try to give DeLorean newbees an inside look into what it takes to maintain and drive me. Feel free to sent me an e-mail if you have any questions or remarks

September 07-29 , 2008, 55.409-55.600 mls


Because Jolly sold her VW Golf convertible, I have to drive the DeLorean to work for some time. Yeah, like that is a punishment. Well, it is, but only at the gas station. Otherwise the engine really runs smooth. But I also notice that it is time to fix the front rims. It's shake, rattle and roll time right now.

September 13-14 , 2008, 55.697 mls


This weekend we drove to Hem, to visit the new store and shop. Ed Uding opened a new facility to maintain DeLoreans and to store parts. A great addition to the already vivid Dutch DeLorean community. DeLorean owners from all over Europe came to North-Holland; Italian, Swiss, Germans, Dutch and even a couple of Scandinavian owners were there. One of DCN's best meetings ever. On sunday we drove the "herftsrit".

August 30-31 , 2008, 55.409 mls


The Concours D'Elegance weekend. Around Paleis 't Loo in Apeldoorn a lot of exclusive cars were gathered. It's really a very nice place to be. Green lawns, the beautiful palace. I can keep on going foever. We attracted a lot of people who had never seen a real DeLorean. And when we drove back home after an exhausting weekend, we met with Dennie Christian, a well know dutch/german artist that has been around for about 32 yeas now. He too had never actually been in a Delorean. Hey, what's to say, we never met Dennie Cristian before :-)

July 31 , 2008, 55.269 mls


Today we attended the yearly Venray Oldtimer City event. For the first time in 3 years the sun was shinin all day long. And that wasn't unnoticed. About 350 cars and a lot of visitors came by. The convertibles could drive around with the top down. And no-one got wet !!!

July 17 , 2008, 55.194 mls


I haven't been very active on the DeLorean front so far this year. Yesterday my DeLorean passed the yearly APK test without a problem. On August 30 and 31 I will be a guest to the Concours D'elegance at Paleis 't Loo . This is a very big honour, since the finest dutch cars will be attending this event. They will even auction an old ferrari, once belonged to Prins Bernhard .


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